Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Will run for food" trail half marathon  marahton (it was actually 13.3 according to the race director). 

That was really hard. 


  • Everyone said “good job” to me, and I assume they did for everyone else they passed. So friendly!
  • Walking up the hills (big fucking hill #1 and big fucking hill #2) felt like more work than running the straightaways.
  • The sandy hills were also realllly annoying. 
  • It was a small race and I’m pretty sure there were only two other people in my age group. The only downside is that I pretty much ran the entire thing by myself, since I was much slower than everyone. Which isn’t to say I ran slow today. I ran my goal pace that was about the same as what would be an easy pace on the road. I think that it was about 2 min/mile under my easy trail pace. There was still a lot of walking involved. I don’t know what my official result is yet, so I’m not sure how the time is compared to other races. 
  • I ate two clif shots and 3 oreos. That’s less than I brought. 
  • Big fucking hill #2 was a pain… it was super steep and sandy, which makes for very hard goings. I had to do it 3 times. I didn’t want to at all. 
  • At one point, near the end, I thought “Isn’t it nice I haven’t fallen at all?” and 2 seconds later I tripped and fell. 
  • And two miles later I crossed the finish line in laaaaast place.
  • I should get a prize for that
  • the runs-even-though-I’m-really-slow-but-I’m-working-just-as-hard-but-for-even-longer-time award.
  • I guess the work pays off eventually
  • right?

Anyway, it’s pizza time. Have a great Saturday!


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